This is ALL about the Kids and the Future.

We got Cannabis, wrong, WAY wrong.  The Cannabis plant cannot even produce THC.  It is very much like a grape plant, potato plant, or tomato plant.  Grapes, potatoes, and tomatoes are often eaten RAW and Fresh, directly from the garden with just a washing of water.

Potatoes probably not so much so.

In order to turn Grapes into Wine, Potatoes into Vodka, or Tomatoes into Ketchup/Catsup you end up with quite a mess in your kitchen.  The Vast Majority of you CHOOSE to purchase these products at the Market, or Grocery Store.

We can even go to the extreme with Home-Brewing, and some people grow hops in their garden, then combine these with grains to  create their own Home-Brew.  Home-Brewing does not require a License, and Home-Brews can be transported to Events where judging takes place, brewers can share their brews with others, and even give them away to family members, all enjoyed as Unalienable Rights of the Declaration of Independence, and ENUMERATED by Indiana State Code.

We all need to understand that “Beneficial Use” of Cannabis is one of the most nutritional and medicinal plants known to man.  Only “Defined Use” is “mariguana/marijuana/marihuana”.

For over 8,000 years, hulled Cannabis Fructus (fruit), more commonly known today as “seed”, or “hearts”, has been a staple of Man’s diet.  Chinese cultures have been discovered from 6,000 B.C. where Cannabis Fructus played a primary role in nutrition.

Today we find the additional Medicinal benefits of Cannabis are undeniable, non-invasive, and safe for infant and senior citizen alike.  Literally, from Birth to Death this plant can clothe, feed, fuel, medicate, recreate, and shelter like no other compound other than Petroleum through which Pollution has brought upon us costs which outweigh the benefits.

Please Educate and Learn the Truth about Cannabis.  Cannabis is NOT Marijuana.  Only Marijuana is MADE from Cannabis.  Here is where the double-talk resides.

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Cannabisin: A to Z

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Estradiol Protects Against Cardiorespiratory Dysfunctions and Oxidative Stress in Intermittent Hypoxia

Sleep (Volume 40, Issue 8, August 2017) Conclusions: E2 prevents cardiorespiratory disorders and oxidative stress induced by CIH. These observations may help to better understand the underlying mechanisms linking menopause and occurrence of sleep apnea in women and highlight a potential advantage of hormone therapy. Estradiol was discovered in extract of Cannabis in the late 1800s. ESTROGENS: (E1, …

Court Vacates First Church of Cannabis Bench Trial, Schedules – Summary Judgement Hearing for March 2018.

Indianapolis, IN (August 8, 2017 ):  “All counsel appear for the status hearing.  All parties counsel will submit a joint case management order with revised dates.  The FPTC set on October 17, 2017 1:30 p.m. and the Bench Trial set on November 14, 15, 16 (3 days) 2017 9:30 am is vacated. The court sets …


Cannabidiol (CBD):  By-product of the Non-Enzymatic Decarboxylation of the Synthesis of the Product of ‘C-dominant’ variety of Cannabis Sativa.L (Linnaeus)

‘C-dominant’ variety of Cannabis Sativa.L produces two compounds:

Cannabigerolic Acid (CBGA)

Cannabidiolic Acid Synthase (CBDA-Synthase / CBDAS/CBDA-S)

During Post-Harvest Curing, these two products Synthesize:

Cannabidiolic Acid (CBDA)

When CBDA is heated to above 182.5C the Carboxyl Group is released through Non-Enzymatic Decarboxylation to Synthesize;

Cannabidiol (CBD)

Source: http://hempassociation.org/sop/


Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC): By-Product of the Non-Enzymatic Decarboxylation of the Synthesis of the Product of ‘T-dominant’ variety of Cannabis Sativa.L

Cannabinol: THC is the “scary” boogey man that everyone learned about in school.  We were taught that THC caused memory-loss, brain damage, “munchies” and various other damage to our body.


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